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2016 | Little Silver Tutu

Foil paper 180cm x 135cm x 16cm 


When we think about fashion, a few words came to our mind – glamour, spotlight, ever changing, and reflection of our times. There are some parallels between art and fashion as art sought to bring one’s focus into an issue of the current context. In doing so, it engenders a dialogue, just like a good fashion work does. 

When it comes to giving form to fashion, the first thing to come to one’s mind is a woman's dress, the iconic Little Black Dress referred to as “LBD” from Coco Chanel. I was inspired by my then 2-year-old daughter’s love of Ballet - hence a ballerina's tutu as the basic form of representation. Using a reflective surface (foil paper) to add curiosity and engage the imagination of the observer as he looks into the piece,  “Little Silver Tutu” is created - a piece that seeks to be ever-changing depending on the context it is in, viewer’s angle and the light condition. It is the same ballerina tutu but exudes different images and sparkles on closer look, sometimes reflecting imagery of the viewer himself. The concept of symmetry, proportion, light, shadow, flow/ motion are a few of the inspirations that helped form the artwork.

This piece was an entry for Singapore' Harper's Bazaar Art Prize 2017.

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