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2020 | A Rabbit's Hole

60cm diameter (unframed)

I had this peculiar dream as a child (that I still dream of from time to time) of flowers and blankets constantly falling over me. It was like being buried under tons and tons of it that it felt so dizzying and suffocating all at once. It’s that same feeling that comes whenever you’ve accidentally hit your head and felt like you're falling as you see circles and circles of colors or stars in your head as you are close to collapsing.


This reminded me of how Alice started falling down when she followed the peculiar White Rabbit down the Hole. Spiraling down into the hole, circles that overlap leading to something that never seemed to end. When you look long enough into the lines and folds of the piece, it takes you to another place in your head – into your imagination where your senses tend to get dulled as you spiral away into your thoughts.


The subtle touch of reflected light from the dichroic film gives you a sense of HOPE - that all the madness and sense of getting lost will somehow end and you hope to get back to reality just as Alice did when she woke up. That there will always be a  LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

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