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82h x 102w cm

Hand-folded Black Acid-Free Paper on Board with Gold Leaf accents

“RORSCHACH TEST” is a psychological test wherein a subject’s perceptions of the inkblot images are recorded and analyzed with psychological interpretation. It is used as an examination of one’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning.


This art piece is a 3D and geometric interpretation of the Rorschach Test whereby each geometric paper fold represents each individual coming from different walks of life. They congregate and commune in this space - within the walls of the hotel. Each piece (person) becomes connected with another, having an interaction with each other. 


Step back and look at it as a whole image. You are invited to visualise an image (any image that comes to mind) based on the shapes, shadows, light and the gold accents - leaving room for interpretation. There is no clear answer, no right or wrong in the images one sees. Each person will see something different, telling you who you are deep inside. Sharing with each other will enable this art piece to be an interactive talking point, be an ice-breaker, be a reference point to share your personality and character.

You can view these pieces at the ST Signature hotel at Tras Street, Singapore.

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