Kaelie Kwah - Paper Artist 

Kaelie was born in Philippines in 1980. She is a trained Horticulturist from the University of the Philippines but had always dreamt of becoming an artist since childhood. Drawing was her passion since young, with sketches done using mainly charcoal pencil. Most of those sketches got lost after applying for the Philippine High School for the Arts. Her passion for drawing came to a complete stop as she had to pursue a degree in Agriculture rather than Fine Arts. Working in the Agriculture and Landscape field for nearly 12 years, she decided to rekindle her love for the arts after marriage. 


It all started with that ‘Something Blue’ as her wedding bouquet which she created for herself in 2012. Using her background and knowledge of the flora, she took a different turn to creating more botanical paper art form that began her new direction in working with paper. She never saw paper as merely a flat medium, rather something that you see and feel in a 3-dimensional manner. Her concept of a papercut is not simply cutting out holes on a plane of paper, but more of reforming it and bending it to her imagination. This idea influenced her to take a more geometrical approach in her succeeding works from 2015 to present. 


She has since participated in a number of Art Prizes beginning with her ‘Little Silver Tutu’ in 2016 and received commission works for Sparks Restaurant (2016) and ST Signature Hotel (2019) in Singapore. She joined the ‘Rejects’ group exhibition in 2019 at the Substation with the ‘Little Silver Tutu’ under the category ‘Devastated’ for having come so close to being a finalist in the 2017 Harper’s Bazaar Art Prize. Apart from paper, she has also experimented with using sewing pins for her initial ‘Rorschach’ series after seeing Andy Warhol’s work at The Broad in Los Angeles, California.


Kaelie lives and continues to work on her paper art forms in Singapore whilst being a wife and a mom of 2 young children. 

I would love to create something special, something that would challenge my creativity and allow me to have the creative freedom. If you have questions or would like to do collaboration, or even commission me for a 3D paperpcut, I'm here!

+65 9092 0759

Thank you! I'll be in touch!